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- Website Designing

- Software Development

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Desktop Computer, Laptop Buy and Repair Service

Your only one call will be solve your Laptop or Desktop Problems at your home in your eyesight at very affordable cost. We have professionals and experienced Laptop engineer who have huge experienced to repair any kind of Laptop brand and they will fix(repair) your Computer Repair Service at your home in front of your eye sight that gives you completed satisfaction along with your precious time save.

Repairs PC at your home in Front of You.

We believe in Our Laptop Engineer that no other Company Repair Your Laptops is the way as we do.

Call us and we are 100% sure that you would be happy by the service you receive.

We believe to provide you Excellent Services so that you can tell to your relative about our Company.

We repair every kind of Laptop the following major Brands are: Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, Vaio, Lenovo, Compaq, Sony, and IBM.

Following are the conditions or you can say damages that we repair. (All Type Of Computer Hardware, Software, And Networking Problems.)

Software problems

Keyboard issues

Password recovery

Faulty parts replaced or repair on any computer, laptop

Computer crashes

Malware Removal

Any type of computer related damages we can fix

Tune up &optimization services

Internet connection problems

LCD/LED damages or complete broken down

Spill damaged Startup problems – computer won’t boot

No image on screen or Blue Screen

Lines across the Lappy screen

Software issues resolved

Liquid spills

Maintenance contracts available for office & small business environments.

Virus, Trojan, Malware and Spyware removal

Retrieval of valuable files and photos

Free anti-malware software install

Service -

SMPS, Hard Disk, RAM, DVD Writer, Motherboard, Printer, Laptop Battery, Monitor, Mouse etc.

Buy Service -

Computer, Laptop, Parts, Software at Cheapest Price.

We Fix All The Software And Hardware Issues That You Might Encounter. Our Team Of Qualified And Professional IT Technicians Can Diagnose And Repair All Computer/Laptop Issues.

Plumber Services

Most of us surely find it frustrating to live with a broken tap, leaky pipe, undone toilet flush or low water pressure during our long showers. But somehow we do live with it or we have to, as we have no idea how to get it fixed. Its too time consuming and we choose to better utilize our time by living with issues. At EasyFix we make sure that only an experienced serviceman knocks your door on the time promised.

Got An Emergency Of Plumbing In Jaipur And Need A Local Plumber Fast? Make Us Your First Call As We Have A Number Of Highly Skilled Emergency Plumbers Ready To Help. We Can Handle Any Plumbing Problem. Whether It's A Burst Pipe, Leaking Sink, Blocked Drain Or Any Other Type Of Domestic Plumbing Requirement, You Can Rest Assured That Our Considered Plumbing Experience Will Be Able To Resolve It Effectively And Efficiently. We Provide A Full Range Of Plumbing Services Like Toilet Fittings And Replacements, Bathroom Installations, Etc.

All Type Of Plumbing Services

Toilet Fittings And Replacements . Bathroom Installations . Leaks Repaired . Faucet Installation . Toilet Repair/Replacement . Faucet Leaks . Shut Off . Valves . Kitchens . Toilet Repairs . Leak Detection . Shower Repair/Replacement . Faucet Repair/Replacement . Clogged Drain Pipe . Tap Repair/Replacement . Remaking Bathroom . Broken Flush . Low Water Pressure . Change Showerhead.

Electrician Service

Need an Electrician You Can Rely On?

TOC provides Fast, reliable and professional electrical services.

We can install an array of electrical equipment for the benefit of your home, from ceiling fans and lighting, to electrical panel and circuit breaker upgrades, electric vehicle charging stations, and more. Let our professionals introduce you to the benefits electrical improvements have to offer, including energy and cost savings, improved value, safety, and security, and transforming and updating your home. Wide selection of services offered including ceiling fan installation, indoor and outdoor lighting, programmable thermostats, wiring and outlets, and security system installation. making our best effort to understand and appreciate the customer’s needs in every situation.

Switches. Dimmers. Outlets. Electrical Short-Circuit. Recessed. Lighting. Light Fixture Installation. Ceiling Fans. Ground Fault Outlet Installation. Wiring Electrical. Cable TV. Internet. Network. Low Voltage. Door Bells. Home Theatre. Sprinkler Systems . Tube Light Repair/Replacement. Rewiring. MCB Repair. Switch Repair/Replacement

We Understand The Urgency And Provide Express Electrician Services In With A Tat Of 2 Hours. We Become Your One Call Partner For All Your Electrician Requirement, From A Ceiling Fan Installation To Doing Commercial Wiring Or Working On Cat 6 Networking Cable, Our Electricians Can Do It All.

Tired Of Temporary Services Of Electricians In Jaipur Who Visit Endless Time And Interpret Your Time Schedule And Charge You Immensely? Don’t Worry You Are At Right Place. We Will Give Permanent Fix Of All Electrical Problems At Lowest Cost. We Provide Experienced Electrician In Jaipur To Take Care Of Electrical System At Your Home, Offices And Societies. We Offer Full Range Of Electrical Services In Jaipur For Both Residential And Commercial Clients. We Provide Qualified And Highly Trained Electricians To Carry Out The Assigned Jobs In A Most Professional Way.

Pest Control Home Service

Pests are everywhere and they are capable of wrecking the entire household. It is very important for every household to make sure that they live in a hygienic and disease-free environment. To ensure this, one needs to pave way for a pest-free house. It is highly advised that every household gets a pest control service done at least once in three months. Zimmber offers the most distinguished pest control services and our background-checked professionals only make use of eco-friendly certified chemicals because we care for your well-being.

We Never Leave a Pest Behind TOC Provides Safe, Affordable and Long Lasting Pest Control Services Pests That We Tackle Cockroaches,Termites,Bed Bugs,Rats






Washing Machine Repairing Service

A Washing Machine Is A Machine Used To Wash House Hold Laundry, Such As Cloths, Bed Sheets, Curtains And Pillow Cover Etc. And It Is Extremely Used In Homes To Avoid Overload Of Household Works. Without The Help Of A Washing Machine Your Clothes Will Look Filthy, Dirty And Stained. So You Must Need To Operate It On Regular Time Span For Your Convenience. May Be It Is A Semi-Automatic Or Fully Automatic Washing Machine, Every Washing Machine Based On Technology May Suffer Hiccups Which Are Common In Electrically Driven Devices Due To Lack Of Care Or Over Use. If You Are Handyman, You Can Resolve Shortcomings Easily But When It Comes To Tricky Problems Then You May Need An Expert To Assist You.

Services under Washing Machine Repairing

  1. Complete Washing Machine Solution
  2. Washing Machine Adjustments
  3. Removal of Washing Machine
  4. Installation of New Washing Machine
  5. Clogged Draining Solutions
  6. Rinse System Repairing
  7. Agitator Function Adjustment
  8. PCB Solution Related To Circuit Board in Automatic Washing Machine
  9. Semi-Auto and Fully Automatic Washing Machine Maintenance

CCTV Installation and Repair Service

CCTV repair service is our business and as the Nations largest Independent Repair Center for CCTV Equipment, we can get your equipment back in service quickly to minimize your downtime and at the same time save you and your company money. We have been doing CCTV surveillance equipment repairs for over years and are very familiar with all major brands of CCTV equipment and control systems. Whether it is DVR Repair, PTZ Dome Camera Repair, IP Camera Repair, Raid Storage DVR Repair, Raid Power Supply Repair, or any other CCTV equipment Repair you need, we can help you work out a repair program to fit your needs. We have very reasonable and competitive pricing so just give us a call and we will be happy to speak with you. We have thousands of satisfied customers and will be glad to provide references if requested. Next time your CCTV Surveillance Equipment needs Repair, give us a call.

    Microwave Oven Repairs Service

    Appliance Troubles? Let Us Help!

    Microwave ovens are found in hundreds of millions of homes worldwide. Making hot food quickly and easily accessible to you and your family, they are truly a miracle of modern technology. Extremely efficient in their use of electricity, microwave ovens use microwave radiation, which is absorbed by waters, fats, and sugars, and upon absorption excite these molecules into atomic motion—also known as heat. When this is not done properly or parts are damaged, it can be time for maintained from our pros.

    TOC is here to fix any type of problem you have with your microwave, from improper heating to unexplained sparks. Schedule service today!

    Whether you’re looking for microwave maintenance, microwave repair, or a new microwave oven, Sears Home Services can help. We’re your best, most-trusted option for fast, quick, and easy local service, repair, and maintenance of your microwave, built-in microwave, or combination microwave/fan. Whether you need microwave door handle repair, microwave door latch repair, microwave keypad repair, or your microwave is not heating, we’ll connect you to the best local microwave oven repair and service technicians in the business. Technicians that are highly trained, local, licensed, vetted, nearby, and guaranteed to help fix all of your microwave oven needs. We have thousands of local technicians that are always “near me,” that can help you no matter what your appliance emergency.

    Types of Microwave Ovens We Repair

    Countertop . Drawer style . Over-the-range .

    Common Microwave Oven Issues

    If you’ve run into any of these problems, call on us:

    * The microwave isn’t working. * There are sparks inside the microwave. * The turntable is not rotating. * Microwave isn’t heating food. * The touch pad only works intermittently.

    What You Need to Know : - About Saving Energy

    When heating up food in the microwave, make sure to arrange it properly for shortened cook times. Place thicker foods closer to the edge and thinner foods in the center for efficient cooking.

Refrigerator Repair & Service

Refrigerators have thermally insulated compartments that allow you to store food in your home that would normally not last as long. Extended food storage can be beneficial for your health, savings, and eating preferences. These appliances should maintain a temperature between 37 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the reproduction rate of bacteria is slowed enough for the food to be usable.

For most homeowners, the refrigerator is seen as one of the most important kitchen appliances. As the focal point of this area, it is important that you keep it in top shape. Since your refrigerator is used on a daily basis to store meals, preserve ingredients, and keep food cool, make sure you take care of problems quickly. If not, you could end up losing money on food waste, or even suffering illness.

TOC is here to make sure your refrigerator continues to run efficiently! Let us help with any appliance issues you have today.

Types of Refrigerators We Restore

Our technicians are well-versed in handling a comprehensive range of refrigerators and common problems with these appliances. We can make sure your home refrigerator is operating smoothly again.

Our technicians work a variety of refrigerators, including: * Top freezer refrigerators * Bottom freezer refrigerators * French door refrigerators * Side-by-side refrigerators * Compact refrigerators * Freezerless refrigerators * Counter depth or built-in refrigerators

No matter what type of refrigerator is in your home, our team can get to work right away addressing any problems you have with this appliance. From damaged parts to general service, we are here to take care of repairs, maintenance, and everything in between.

What You Need to Know : - About Saving Energy

Did you know that you can help your refrigerator perform better by simply putting it in a location that stays cooler? Keep it out of direct sunlight and away from other heat generating appliances to make life easier on your fridge.

TV, LED, LCD Repair Services

    In These Days Many People Have Big Television Screen In House. After Warranty Period If Your TV Is Not Working Properly, Then Your Tension Is High For Repairing TV.Now You Have 2 Options For Repair Your Television First Is Calling In A Company For Service And Second Is TOC. Why You Choose Second Option Because Our Service Charges Is Low Comparison To Other Companies Or Repairing Store.

R.O (Water Purifier) Repair Service

A Proficient Ro Repairing Service Is The Need Of Hour To Ensure That Your Home And Business Receive Pure Water At All Times. We Offer A Comprehensive Service Which Is Fast And Efficient. We Deploy Skilled Professionals That Understand Every Component And Quality Spare Parts Ensure That Every Maintenance Schedule Adds Life To The Machine. Timely Service Ensures That There Is No Compromise In Water Quality. We Are A Leading Service Provider for the Ro Repairing and Water Purifier Services In Jaipur.

Air Conditioner (AC) Repair Services

Most of us use AC’s throughout the year or most of the year. AC Servicing becomes mandatory during the start of heating and cooling seasons respectively. Timely servicing ensures fresh and filtered air. While AC’s provide us with deep pleasure of comfort they also require regular maintenance. All AC must be installed along with a good quality stabilizer.

An AC helps you stay cool in extremely hot conditions and gives you a good reason to stay indoors. At times, your AC may develop problems and will urgently need some assistance to function smoothly. With the help of TOC Air Conditioner repair services, you can be assured that we’ll provide you with the finest services. Our AC repairing services will solve all minor and major problems of your AC. Our AC service is there to serve you anytime, anywhere. So just calm and relax.








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3. Trained, highly skilled and background verified engineers arrive at your doorstep who can fix your Problem.

4. Fast, Effective and Trusted Service.

5. Easy Cash Paymenta at Your Place After Service Done.

6. Customer Will Receive A Call Once The Service Is Registered With Us And Our serviceman Will Approach You As Soon As Possible.

7. Free service will be offered if same issue repeats in 10 days after Service/Repair.